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How it Works

Lift a Handset, Not a Pen.


A "PhoneBook" is a Phone Guest Book (also known as an audio guest book). Our PhoneBooks are vintage or antique style phones that allow your guests to record voice messages for you that you can cherish forever.  When your guests pick up the phone's handset, they will hear your prerecorded custom greeting, and then they leave you a message after the beep.  When a guest is finished with their message, they simply hang up the handset.

After your event, we will transfer all of your recordings to a digital format and provide you with a link to a password protected folder for you to listen to all of your voice messages. 

Looking for the

coolest personalized keepsake?

The Mixtape is our retro cassette style USB Flash Drive that we personalize with your name(s) and the date of your event.  After your event, we will ship this directly to your home!

Keepsake for Audio Guest Book
  • What are all the services you provide?
    We know you've already got a lot on your plate, so we strive to make your audio guest book experience as easy as possible. We will deliver the PhoneBook to you within 1 week of your upcoming event. We deliver within 25 miles of Scranton, PA and can arrange a meeting point if you are a little further than that. We provide you with the PhoneBook and two instructional signage options for you to display next to the PhoneBook at your event. We also have an optional battery pack we can provide that allows you to place the phone virtually anywhere, but we recommend placing the phone in a shaded area if it will be outside. After your event, we will arrange a time to pick up the rented items within 48 hours so that we can start working on getting you your voice messages as soon as possible!
  • What does the PhoneBook require to work?
    The phone just requires a little bit of electric (boogie woogie woogie!). You can plug it into a standard electric outlet or rent our small portable battery pack. Either way, there is a 6 foot cord so that you can easily hide the power source beneath the table. No WiFi, Bluetooth, or landline is needed!
  • How much audio can be recorded?
    Short answer is way more than you would ever need there to be :) There is also no limit on the length per recording. In our experience, most voice messages guests leave are 30 seconds or less.
  • How long will it take to get our recordings back?
    Our turnaround time is generally pretty quick once we get the PhoneBook back. Most times we can turnaround the recordings and send you a link to your messages within 3 days! At longest, we would have the recordings sent to you via e-mail within 7 days.
  • Where should I put the PhoneBook at my event?
    Our PhoneBooks do a great job at reducing background noise while recording. However, we do recommend you try to place the PhoneBook in a location that is removed from loud noise to ensure you get the highest quality recordings possible. With the optional battery pack, you can place your PhoneBook virtually anywhere, but please avoid putting it in direct sunlight and make sure it's protected from getting wet. It's not a gremlin, but electronics don't like heat or water and we don't want to risk a malfunction on your big day! We also highly recommend putting it somewhere your guests are more likely to gather and take notice of it. Having your DJ announce you have an audio guest book will also help to ensure you get more messages :)
  • What if the PhoneBook is damaged or stolen at my event?
    We hope this never happens, but if it does, we reserve the right to charge a fee of up to $500 for any PhoneBook that is stolen, lost, damaged, destroyed or altered in any way, other than normal wear and tear. Normal wear and tear includes minor scratches and marks or other similar minor damage. Your responsibility for your PhoneBook begins when it is delivered and ends when it is returned to us.
  • Can I share these recordings with my videographer?
    Absolutely! Your voice messages will make a great addition to any videos taken at your wedding or event. Imagine watching clips from your cocktail hour while listening to your guests leaving you their well wishes and congratulations. Your messages will complement the videos so well!


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