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1 / The PhoneBook (audio guest book)

The Leona PhoneBook  -  $325

The Emory PhoneBook  -  $325

The Blanche PhoneBook  -  $325

The Amos PhoneBook  -  $275

The Eleanor PhoneBook  -  $275

Virtual PhoneBook - $150 (standalone); $100 (add-on)

2 / Battery pack

This optional but recommended add-on allows you to put your PhoneBook virtually anywhere if there is not an outlet nearby.


3 / The Mixtape - A Keepsake USB Flash Drive of your Messages

Retro cassette tape style keepsake containing all of your voice message recordings that is personalized with your name(s) and event date.  Comes in clear plastic cassette tape holder.


4 / Custom signage

Personalized signs for you to frame and display next to your Phonebook.

Included (FREE)

5 / Pick up and Delivery

We will deliver and pick-up to any location* within a 25-mile radius of Scranton, PA.  We can always arrange a meeting spot if you are located outside this mile radius.


Included* (FREE) 

Other taxes and fees may apply.

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